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Poster Image for the Video Showcasing the Project Gordon Freeman's Iconic HEV Suit
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Who are we?
Orbifold Studios is a collective of developers who love Half-Life, formed by the teams behind Half-Life 2: VR, Half-Life 2: Remade Assets, Project 17, and Raising the Bar: Redux. We're led by our passion for creation and desire to always raise the bar of quality.
Our goal with Half-Life 2 RTX is to deliver a new way to experience Valve's classic, using cutting-edge rendering tech to bring the game to life in a way never before possible. At the same time, we'll be remastering all of the game's assets, to be made available to the community for free. With Half-Life 2 RTX and the release of its assets, we hope to ignite new passion within the community to explore the potential of RTX in remastering classic mods, or making new mods with RTX in mind!
Industrial Influenza
How can you help?
We are looking for all kinds of talent to join our ranks! If you're as passionate as we are, and want to work alongside us to complete this monumental project, apply!
So - Time to choose.
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